Interactive & Collaborative Contract Management for Construction

A Digital and Modern approach to managing & implementing construction contracts

Irish Public Works
FIDIC Contracts


+Control is revolutionary in its intuitiveness and flexibility. Manage multiple types of construction contracts.


Trusted by Local Authorities, +TermPay streamlines how organisations manage their housing maintenance and void refurbishment contracts from creation of a task order right through to payment.



Data captured instantly enables +AddJust to deliver live reporting on a project's budgetary performance.


Spreadsheets, emails and paperwork are all in the past. All contract payment information is digitally processed and stored

Audit, Governance & Compliance

Secure audit trail for all contract related information. +AddJust encourages compliance with the best known construction contracts


+AddJust's solutions are mobile enabled so that you can access your contract information and monitor performance while you're on the move.

Risk Management

Using data analytics, we deliver powerful risk assessment information to your organisation enabling better insight into your project

Multiple Contracts

Manage multiple contracts across different portfolios and projects or single contracts on a single project

Advanced Cost Control

+AddJust enables organisations gain superior insights into the cost and time performances of projects across a range of portfolios

Collaborative Approach

Involve all stakeholders to easily communicate and collaborate on contracts. Better communication, better contracts, better results.

Cloud Based Contracts

All information is securely stored in the cloud with restricted access at all levels. It can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Access Across All Devices


The success of building contracts rests on implementing good processes and maintaining good communication flows. The team at +AddJust have created solutions that are unrivalled in achieving these key aspects.

We are construction industry professionals and software engineers with over 100 years cumulative real estate, construction & software experience. We have suffered the administrative headaches along with our industry colleagues for many years.

The solutions we have built make contracts

  • - Easier to understand
  • - Easier to administer
  • - Easier to implement

By using +AddJust, we guarantee that your organisation will

  • - Save Time
  • - Save Money
  • - Reduce Disputes

Pádraig Neylon


Pádraig has 15 years experience as a Quantity Sureveyor and Building Surveyor and has been involved in hundreds of construction contracts of varying sizes and complexity.

Michael Kelly


Michael has 15 years of experience in the Software Industry, implementing robust solutions in the high performance computing, mobile and web space.

Joe Neylon

Head of Business Development

Joe has over 30 years of project management, sales and marketing experience in a range of sectors including sub-contracting on large retail projects.

Ovidiu Chereches

Software Engineer

Ovidiu is +AddJust's Senior Software Engineer and was previously Engineering Manager at Hootsuite, leading the UI development of the Analytics product.

David McArthur

Software Engineer

Dave is an engineer and designer laser-focused on making beautiful and reliable software, and has diverse experience from 15 years in the industry

Michiel Vos

Software Engineer

Michiel is a full stack Software Engineer who has worked across a range of industries.

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