Better Cost Control

For Construction Projects

+AddJust is a game changer for organisations who want better financial insights, increased visibility and more control of how their capital is being spent on construction projects

Real-Time Risk Management

+AddJust closely monitors and manages change and payment processes during your construction project.

Using data analytics, we can deliver powerful risk assessment information to your organisation enabling better management of your budget.

Change Order Management

+AddJust’s change order management system allows your organisation have more control over who signs off on change orders, monitor the overruns and learn from previous projects so the same mistakes don't happen again and again.

Interim Payment Management

+AddJust allows you tailor your payment process according to any contract. Our reminder system keeps every stakeholder on track so that the payment process is structured and seamless.

Audit, Governance & Financial Reporting

+AddJust provides a secure audit trail for all payment & change related information. There's no longer a need to trawl through emails as +AddJust handles all contract communication within our neat, in-built messaging tool.


Set contract terms

Set the payment and change order related terms including retention percentages, change order approval limits and payment due dates.

Payment Claims

Process payment claims, recommendations, certificates and invoices all in one place and in a structured, easy to understand format.

Manage Change Orders

Change orders can be recorded on site instantly using a mobile device, assessed and approved promptly using +AddJust. Contingencies and risk can be analysed instantly as soon as changes are being recorded on- site.


Data captured instantly enables +AddJust to deliver live reporting on a project's budgetary performance.


All contract information is securely stored with restricted access at all levels.


Spreadsheets, emails and paperwork are all in the past. All contract payment information is digitally processed and stored which means your project gets greener by using +AddJust.

Access Across All Devices

Our Company

Construction is one of the most dynamic industries in the world today. Work and changes happen so quickly ON-site, that the administration processes cannot keep up. Administration of payments and change orders has too often been the sword on which projects have fallen.

The team at +AddJust are construction industry professionals and software engineers with over 100 years cumulative real estate, construction & software experience and have suffered the administrative headaches along with our industry colleagues for many years.

We decided to change things.

+AddJust has been created to give clients increased access to and control over their budget information in real time.

Our software has also been designed to help the design teams vastly reduce their time spent on needless administration and to help contractors to more efficiently engage with clients and their design teams. We have worked with all stakeholders in the risk management, budget, payment and change order processes over the years and understand the complexities that go with each sector.

Pádraig Neylon


Pádraig has 15 years experience as a Quantity Sureveyor and Building Surveyor and has been involved in hundreds of construction contracts of varying sizes and complexity.

Michael Kelly


Michael has 15 years of experience in the Software Industry, implementing robust solutions in the high performance computing, mobile and web space.

Joe Neylon

Head of Business Development

Joe has over 30 years of project management, sales and marketing experience in a range of sectors including sub-contracting on large retail projects.

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